PampersNappyGirl, 28
United Kingdom
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Izzie, 28, F.
(Yes I have Changed My Profile Description again, deal with it)
My name is Izzie and I am a cheeky, neuro diverse lesbian in the sad swamps of England

I like Video game (War thunder, L4D2, MC, Last of us) I love Seals and I love going outside on walks and having fun in diapers I am not into girly stuff tbh

On the diaper side of things
I always use thick crinkly wet diapers that make me waddle around I strictly only wear Rearz Pampers and dry nights

On the sexual side of things, I do not like rp, I might engage in sexual talk ONLY IF I feel comfortable around you, that might take 3 or 4 PMs, I always switch between Dom/sub

About my personality I am quite energetic and extrovert like, I can become annoying if I am bored and I will become Verbally aggressive if you piss me off

Before you PM me I do not want to meet up in real life or on any other platform, I do not want to give any socials

If you have a problem with me, please, fuck off