Kathleen, 24
About me:
I'm Kat that's short for Kathleen, my life long nickname is Kitty.

I am a Little, age player, baby girl, toddler.

I'm bubbly, kidish/childish, playfull, I laugh a lot, I have a strong imagination, but I'm also mature and not just good at being a kid but looking after kids too.

I wear hair pieces like hair bands and cute hair clips just like I always have unlike most girls who stop at some age.
I love cute dresses. I love diapers. I have playful secrets.
I am responsible, smart and mature but would rather be my shoe size then my age.
I'm 23 now and I wish to be someone's little princess.

I took ECE early childhood education. I work in a preschool.

I'm 23 years old and act like a toddler that loves to play with Barbie dolls and stuffies and I love wearing and wettng in diapers.
Little embarrassing to tell people but hey I do and that's me.